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Monday, 19 June 2017


Brainchild Of Surya Prakash Sharma - Chairman & Mumtaz Sheikh- Director

·       On 5th July, 2017 in Mumbai official dates (auditions to main program) of Delhi Dance Championship (DDC) 2017 will be announced in Mumbai; Visit ( for further information
·       On 5th July, 2017 in Mumbai -  Teaser launch of Shaamat - psychological horror thriller series under Molad Productions
·       On 5th July, 2017 in Mumbai - Launch of The Film Institute

"We commit to audition each & every participant even if there are lakhs of entries. Keeping the craze of DDC in mind, we have kept the registration online, which will give us an estimate of how many dancers have to be auditioned. The venue, date & time will be decided according to the entries. It is a platform which aims to bring out the dancing talent in every individual. We promise that no one will have a complaint that they were not auditioned. Even if we have to call for more man power or book the biggest venue in India, we will do it. Next year we aim to make DDC, an all India dance championship" says Surya Prakash Sharma Chairman & Mumtaz Sheikh- Director of Molad Group Of Companies, who will also announce the official dates of Delhi Dance Championship on 5th July, 2017. India's biggest Live Dance Competition aims to introduce this format in every state & organize the championship under the name of their respective states. Delhi Dance Championship is every dancer's chance to celebrate all forms of dance and the performing arts. Watch breath-taking main stage performances, discover dance career opportunities at Delhi Dance Championship. The championship is a platform to brush up the inherited dancing skills of the individuals. Irrespective of dancing level– there is something for everyone and a glorious celebration of all things associated with dance and performing arts at Delhi Dance Championship

Surya Prakash Sharma, Chairman & Mumtaz Sheikh, Director of Molad Group Of Companies, announce their future projects as well.  Shaamat - a psychological horror thriller series under Molad Productions will soon host a teaser launch. In order to bring the best on board, Molad Group Of Companies has introduced a first of its kind format where they will offer a 15 day special training - free portfolios to the talents who will join them from all over the country & also offer work opportunity.

The creative duo will not only be hosting a teaser, but also launching their Film Institute. The intensive professional-level courses, like  Certificate in Film Making - Process & Development, Certificate in Script & Screenplay Writing, Certificate in Acting provide specialized training in acting and screenwriting. Surya Prakash Sharma & Mumtaz Sheikh have not only pre-signed 15 Bollywood celebrities, but are also introducing unique facilities like 5 days Mumbai tour, free yoga meditation, 80% practical & 20% theory learning along with free laptops.  The Film Institute under Molad Group Of Companies is coming up with a plan of the largest chain of 10 of franchise in India which is touted to be the largest chain of film institute's in India.

The classes at The Film Institute will be conducted by competent in-house faculty members who passionately teach the craft through practical, theory, games, exercises and extensively filmed practical's. In addition, there is a roster of Bollywood celebrities, who will comprise as the schools visiting faculty and share their invaluable on-the-job experiences and tips to success with the students . Above all, each student receives individual guidance and counseling from one of the country’s most successful institute of acting -The Film Institute.

Surya Prakash Sharma & Mumtaz Sheikh say "This is just our first step towards making the company a name to reckon with. There are three things happening side by side in every category from films, dance to horror thriller series. We will soon host the teaser of Shaamat in the presence of Bollywood and Television fraternity.  We have also launched our Film Institute which is open to every person who wishes to take up acting as a career"


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मेरी सफलता के पीछे मेरी माँ और बहन का हाथ है।-----

-कॉमेडी नाईट विथ कपिल शो में बुआ का किरदार करके कैसा लग रहा है। .

मुझे बहुत अच्छा लग रहा है। . पहले भी मैंने काफी कॉमेडी फिल्मो लिए की है। . अब तो छोटे बच्चे भी बुआ बुआ कहते है। . मुझे अच्छा लग रहा है लोग मुझे बुआ के किरदार में काफी पसंद कर रहे है। मै कपिल शर्मा का आभार करना चाहुगी। . मुझे बुआ के किरदार के लिए चुना। .

-आपकी आने वाली फ़िल्म और सीरियल कौन कौन से है। .

मेरी आने वाली फिल्मे पी से पी एम् , तुक्का फिट , डिस्को सिंह , मैरिज दा गैरिज ,बाई तुस्सी ग्रेट हो , कंट्रोल Yaar कंट्रोल , आदि है

टीवी सीरियल जो कर रही हु। . वो है वाणी ईश्क दा कलमा और कॉमेडी नाईट विथ कपिल। .

-अगर आप एक्टर नहीं होती तो क्या होती।

मै जानवरो की डॉक्टर होती। .

-आपकी सफलता के पीछे किसका हाथ है।

मेरी सफलता के पीछे मेरी माँ और बहन का हाथ है। आज जो भी कुछ भी हु वो उनकी ही बदोलत हु। मै उनका शुक्रिया जिंदगी भर अदा कर सकती हु।

-जो लोग फ़िल्म और टीवी में आना चाहते है उनके लिए क्या कहना चाहेगी।

मै उन सभी लोगो से कहना चाहुगी वो सभी लोग तैयारी के साथ आये। . बॉलीवुड सबका स्वागत करता है।

This Interview taken by Editor sushil Gangwar .. .


She represents a dynamic group of women who have broken away from the beaten track where demands at home, family oppositions & cultural inhibitions have led to lack of support, resources and opportunities; are now exploring new vistas of economic participation with an all new vigor- Entrepreneur & Media Professional Parul Chawla, the número uno Media, Events & PR moment of glory when she accepted the award for 37th Women Entrepreneur Award 2017 at 3rd Asiad Literature Fest 2017.
The woman who changed the face of Media – Ms Parul Chawla, who single-handedly founded and made Media & Talent & Event Management firm a name to reckon. Parul Chawla, better known as "lady with golden hair", who once dreamed of marrying and settling down just like any other woman in India, is now the head of Picture N Kraftfirm and counted as one of the top 10 women entrepreneurs of today.

"There is no dearth of exceptional and talented women entrepreneurs in India" said Parul Chawla when she turned towards the audience to take a bow before she approached the stage to accept the award for 37th Women Entrepreneur Award 2017 at 3rd Asiad Literature Fest 2017.

Known to be fiercely protective of her company and brand, Parul Chawla is also very professional and has strong business acumen "Gone are the days when women were considered no match for all powerful men in this world. We across the world have overcome all negative notions and have proved ourselves beyond doubt in all spheres of life including the most intricate and cumbersome world of entrepreneurship. I wish my fellow awardees a big congratulation to be able to successfully pursue the dreams & overcome the hurdles which came across to reach where we are today. All power to us"

Who are the torch bearer for women power in the present & future? 3rd Asiad Literature Fest 2017 chalked out a list of women entrepreneurs from different fields who have made it big in their respective fields of work

Parul Chawla has had a decade-old dynamic stint with the world of media, entertainment, fashion, sports and events. This luminary's illustrious body of work represents a perfect blend of corporate excellence and individual brilliance. Leveraging her creativity and business acumen, she has done exemplary work for a host of Indian and international clients catering to diverse requirements such as advertising, public relations, brand/ celebrity management, sponsorship, marketing, media and communication strategy and event management amongst others As an accomplished solution provider, she has worked with all the leading corporate entities in India belonging to a wide host of domains.

Parul Chawla has been actively involved in strategic planning, media direction and executing Public Relations and marketing strategies for over 100 films and music albums & singles. She has been actively managing image building and brand building exercise for lot of film stars, TV actors, pop singers, music companies, political campaigns, product launches, events management, artiste promotion, fashion designers, fashion events, brands, fashion weeks and corporate, strategic launch of singers and actors. She has been associated with family film production business under the banner of M/s Parul Films International, Produced by D.K Chawla; i.e., “Sahibaan” starring Sanjay Dutt, Madhuri Dixit andRishi Kapoor Directed by Ramesh Talwar and music by Shiv-Hari and “Apna Desh Paraye Log”. She is actively involved in film distribution & marketing of films , content syndication and production of film based programs for the overseas market including marketing of films.

With an eye on new vistas of opportunities, Parul has always given a special focus on emerging companies. As a master strategist and consultant, Parul has remained a friend, philosopher and guide to several top management head honchos and is often seen rubbing shoulders with the rich and the famous at high profile events or elite venues. With her 360-degree perspective, Parul brings an astute understanding and matches it with her out of the box thinking for clients and customers. She has a socially responsible facet and is often seen espousing causes and public affairs initiatives